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Hope Cancer Fund
is a non-profit, tax exempt organization founded in 1994. Our focus is to help cancer patients and their family with special financial needs. Perhaps you or someone you know is at that point in their battle with cancer and uncertain where to turn next. Hope Cancer Fund, along with many other concerned people just like yourself, want to make the difference that it takes to make that fight for survival a better one. We feel that

"Together we Make the Difference"

  • Direct Financial Assistance
  • Education
  • We do not give to research
  • We cut through red tape

Hope Cancer Fund is one of only few organizations in the country that helps cancer patients with direct financial assistance.

Since the founding of other larger non-profit organizations in the 1940's and 1950's many people have assumed that the needs of cancer patients were being completely met. However, given the changing times and the rising cost of health insurance, facilities and care there is an astounding number of cancer patients who are in great need financially. Hope
Cancer Fund strives to fulfill and meet these needs when it comes to financial concerns.

What sets Hope
Cancer Fund apart from other non-profit organizations that deal with cancer is that we give direct financial assistance to individuals.

Hope Cancer Fund was founded by caring people who have dealt with cancer in their own families. When they saw their families going through this ordeal they became aware that there were some patients who had special needs which were not being met. Therefore, this organization was formed to assist with those special needs, helping specifically with financial assistance.

Dear Friends in Christ,
Thank your for your love and kindness
and for being an answer to our prayers. God is so good. Thank you for being His instrument.

Love in Him,
Linda Rebuck

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